HATCH Welcomes New Ventures

Eight new startups have joined HATCH, our incubator for UBC-affiliated technology ventures. Among the 2017/2018 cohort are ventures that offer:

  • sensors and software to manage and prevent sports team injuries and promote team performance and success
  • automated umbrella rentals,
  • bike parking services,
  • rapidly deployable, scalable solar energy systems
  • artificial intelligence software for drone flight path planning, damage recognition and inspection of vertical infrastructure
  • software that simplifies human animation for everything from simulation to virtual reality
  • a revolutionary nanonet technology that removes oil cheaply and simply from sand and earth
  • next-generation joint support technologies integrated into everyday clothing.

By providing these promising ventures with guidance, a community and the physical tools/infrastructure  to develop and optimize their technologies and businesses, HATCH aims to position them to succeed in the fast-moving, ultra-competitive tech sector. Read more…