ICICS at 2018 BCTECH Summit

ICICS was well-represented at the this year’s BCTECH Summit, held from May 14 –16 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Technology leaders, industry executives, investors, senior government officials, researchers and students were among the roughly 9,000 attendees.

ICICS Director Rob Rohling was on hand throughout the conference to discuss ICICS research clusters and HATCH with interested conference goers, and a number of HATCH ventures exhibited their innovations. Dr. Vicki Lemieux, ICICS research cluster Blockchain@UBC lead, was one of four speakers in a session entitled, “Beyond Bitcoin: Seizing the Potential of Blockchain,” and contributed “A Blockchain Technology Project Showcase” to the Research Runway. The Runway also featured “Cuddlebot: Furry Robots with Feelings for Anxiety Therapy,” from the ICICS research cluster Designing for People (DFP).