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ICICS 2009/2010 Distinguished Lecture series

ICICS hosts the 21st annual DLS, bringing academic and industrial leaders at the forefront of their fields to ICICS. The ICICS DLS lectures are held in the Dempster Pavilion Room 110, 6245 Agronomy Road (between Main Mall & East Mall). All lectures are Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00 PM. The 2009/2010 Season is: September 24, […]

ICICS and The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies form a new partnership.

In recognition of the current funding landscape, one of the major goals of ICICS’ Strategic Plan is to foster new collaborative, multidisciplinary research groups to tackle important problems in computing, information, and cognitive systems. The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS) promotes a similar approach to a wide range of basic research, aimed at […]