ICICS Workspace Safety Plan Template


The ICICS Workspace Safety Plan must be completed by ICICS members who wish to return to campus during Phase 2 along with a Contact List for those personnel the Workspace Safety Plan applies to. These are then submitted to access@icics.ubc.ca for approval by our Local Safety Team and the ICICS Director.  Modifications to ICICS Workspace Safety Plans approved prior to October 27, 2020 may be made using an Amendment Form rather than revising the Workspace Safety Plan. 

The template has been pre-populated with text and suggestions to simplify filling it out. Note that the template also has a Change Log section at the beginning to simplify future modifications. 

Please submit your Workspace Safety Plan as a Word document rather than PDF. If you require assistance or feedback while preparing your Workspace Safety Plan, please contact David Roberts, ICICS Technical Manager/LST Coordinator at robertsd@mail.ubc.ca.