ICICS BuildingThe ICICS/Computer Science building is a 60,000 ft.2 (5,600 m2), state-of-the-art facility housing multiple labs with advanced infrastructure for conducting multidisciplinary research in advanced technologies .

The shared labs on the 7th floor of the ICICS/CS building are accessible to all ICICS members. Equipment in these labs includes a sound studio, facilities for conducting user studies (Usability Labs), a motion-capture lab, and a meeting room. Researchers in dedicated labs are making advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, haptics, signal processing, multimedia, user interfaces, biomedical engineering, and many other areas. These labs are reconfigurable as technology and personnel change, in accordance with ICICS lab guidelines.

The HATCH startup accelerator in the ICICS building provides a temporary home for our more entrepreneurial members, graduate students, and staff, where they can advance their venture guided by seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

Safety Information

COVID-19: Return to ICICS, Step 3

As of July 2, 2021, we are implementing new guidelines governing return to ICICS, in accordance with the move toward Step 3 of the BC Restart Plan by the Province and UBC. We have developed these guidelines with the full agreement of the Faculties of Science and Applied Science. We are following UBC’s streamlined safety plan process, with seven different UBC-wide safety plans now covering various spaces and activities. Note, these do not require customization, just implementation. Detailed information about accessing the ICICS building during Step 3 can be found here. You may wish to refer to the ICICS Intermediate Safety Plan to tailor plans to your lab.

Please email Fatima Damji with and questions. 

If you are a user of facilities in the ICICS/Computer Science building, please familiarize yourself with the ICICS/Computer Science Emergency/Fire Safety Plan. This document shows the locations of fire extinguishers, exit plans, floor wardens, ICICS/CS Emergency Officers, and other important information. It is also imperative that you read the ICICS Building Emergency Response Plan (BERP) and associated  ICICS/Computer Science Safety Manual for safety information relevant to the ICICS/CS building, and fill in the required checklists.