Shared Facilities

ICICS Building
The following shared ICICS labs, on the 5th and 7th floors of the ICICS building, are available for use by all ICICS members. To reserve a lab, sign on to the ICICS Laboratory Reservation System. Please read the document ICICS Policy: Laboratory Reservations before reserving a lab. If you do not have an account for this system, contact Gable Yeung, Facility & Laboratory Technician.

X727 Usability Laboratories/Observation Studio (Subject Room): The Usability Laboratories are rooms where experiments are staged. These laboratories are suitable for testing one or two subjects simultaneously. For larger experiments, researchers typically reserve the Observation Suites. Directions to the Usability Labs can be found here.

X725 Observation Suites: The Observation Suites are equipped with the latest in Noldus technology for the acquisition and analysis of behavioural data. Video cameras are used to observe and record subjects and those recordings can then be broken down into finite study segments adequate for identifying and categorising reactions. These suites also include SmartBoard interactive systems, DiamondTouch panels and other interactive equipment necessary for research of this kind.

X715 Interactive Workroom: The Interactive Workroom features twelve 3D rear projectors and a large interactive screen that occupies one wall. Investigators and/or their subjects are immersed in a 3-dimensional visual experience coupled with a surround sound audio system. Examples of research done in the Interactive Workroom include investigating visual stimuli for treatment of Parkinson’s disease symptoms, and development of an interactive shadow-pointing device.

X709 & X711 Physical Simulation and Measurement Lab: Equipment in this lab is used to measure the qualities of various objects, such as texture or hardness. Also in this room is a 3D printer, which has been used for the generation of special optic surfaces that are difficult to manually produce in the workshop. The 3D printer uses stereo-lithography technology to build working models from CAD simulations, e.g., of a patient’s cranium, which surgeons can use to perform a mock operation in advance of the actual procedure.

X704 Sound Studio: The Sound Studio houses state-of-the-art mixing equipment. An attached room muffles most echoes and provides a perfect environment for the study of acoustics and human reaction to acoustic effects. Signals can be piped via an audio CobraNet to various locations within the building for acquisition and study.

X710 Video Edit Suite: The Sound Studio connects to the Video Edit Suite. The audio and video signals generated by the editing equipment can be routed to a variety of sources via a switch cabinet. A TV episode of National Geographic featuring the attention research of ICICS member Ron Rensink was edited in the Video Edit Suite. Students can sign out HD (High Definition) cameras from the suite, as well as microphones and hand-held CAMs.

X527 Human Measurement Lab: The Motion Capture Laboratory features high-speed VICON cameras and a motion capture suit. The VICON system is able to capture a subject’s motions by computer for later analysis on other systems. It has been used to optimize the ergonomics of manual wheelchairs. The equipment in this lab is similar to that used by animation and gaming firms such as Electronic Arts.