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HATCH Venture Builder is UBC’s accelerator for technology-based and social impact startup companies.

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HATCH Accelerates Ventures with Impact

HATCH Venture Builder (“HATCH”) is UBC’s late-stage accelerator for technological and social innovations with strong commercial potential. It’s a place where innovators with the drive to shape a better world receive support to achieve their greatest potential. Founded by ICICS working in close partnership with entrepreneurship@UBC, HATCH provides teams with the space, resources, and expertise they need to take their business to the next level, whether that’s identifying their first customer or securing their first major investor.
“By developing new technologies and bringing them to market, HATCH companies are having a significant impact on our society, while creating employment and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit at UBC and beyond.” — Robert Rohling, Director, ICICS

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The beauty of HATCH is that is that it offers a full range of tailored, hands-on support to create successful ventures and entrepreneurs, by being:…(more)

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HATCH Programming and Support

HATCH ventures are “accelerated” over a 12-18 month residency by a comprehensive slate of programming and mentorship delivered by ICICS/e@UBC and outside experts…(more)

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Meet the Ventures

Through HATCH, ventures are invited to continue their journey that began with the incubator program, and be hosted in person at our world-class acceleration space. We invite you to explore current and alumni HATCH ventures: Meet our ventures..

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The HATCH Makerspace is where ideas are realized as prototypes then become products after repeated cycles of testing, refinement, and end-user feedback…(more)