HATCH Accelerator

HATCH, founded and managed in ICICS, is UBC’s accelerator for technology-based startup companies launched by faculty, graduate/undergrad students, staff, and/or recent alumni.

Ventures that have successfully passed through the first three phases of programming and mentoring offered by entreprenurship@UBC (e@UBC) become eligible to join HATCH, on a competitive basis. HATCH startups have access to 980 m2 of office, meeting, project, and maker space. Mentorship from seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Executives-in-Residence, and mentors guides them through company building, developing first product and early customers, and becoming investment-ready. Being in close proximity within HATCH provides an opportunity for newer ventures to learn from those that are more advanced.

The HATCH makerspace has a full suite of advanced equipment for prototyping and testing. This includes a 3D handheld scanner, 3D metal sintering printer and conventional 3D printers, water-jet cutter, metal-bending press, lathes, drill presses, workbenches, and a wide range of hand tools. The HATCH makerspace is staffed by a full-time technician.

Ventures “graduate” from the HATCH Accelerator once they have achieved significant commercial milestones relevant to each venture. Technology-based social ventures are welcomed. Become part of the HATCH community.


“By developing new technologies and bringing them to market, HATCH companies are having a significant impact on our society, while creating employment and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit at UBC and beyond.” 

Robert Rohling,

Director, ICICS