HATCH Accelerator

HATCH, in the ICICS/CS building, is UBC’s accelerator for technology-based startup companies launched by faculty, graduate/undergrad students, staff, and/or recent alumni.

Ventures that have successfully passed through the first three phases of programming and mentoring offered by entreprenurship@UBC (e@UBC) become eligible to join HATCH, on a competitive basis. HATCH startups have access to 980 m2 of office, meeting, project, and maker space. Mentorship from seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Executives-in-Residence, and mentors guides them through company building, developing first product and early customers, and becoming investment-ready. Being in close proximity within HATCH provides an opportunity for newer ventures to learn from those that are more advanced.

Ventures “graduate” from the HATCH Accelerator once they have achieved significant commercial milestones relevant to each venture. Technology-based social ventures are welcomed. Become part of the HATCH community.



UBC President Santa Ono raises a glass to HATCH during a visit. The water he’s drinking was purified by HATCH startup Acuva’s LED-based portable purifier.