Since 1986 ICICS has promoted multidisciplinary advanced technologies systems research among its members, and with industry. Over the years, ICICS has dynamically evolved to include researchers from disciplines ranging from engineering, computer science, medicine, forestry, social science, commerce, to the arts.

Today, ICICS is focused on increasing the impact of its members’ multidisciplinary research activities, by actively supporting:

  • Research excellence through different support programs
  • Translational activities designed to increase and/or improve user uptake, industry adoption, entrepreneurial activity, standards and policy contributions, and educational outcomes.

 Strategic Priorities

  • Enable synergies among ICICS members, the broader community of scholars, and industrial, commercial, and other related organizations
  • Promote entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialization
  • Provide enhanced research and career opportunities for ICICS members and students
  • Facilitate recruitment of high-calibre faculty and students to UBC