Research Team

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Robert Rohling (Electrical and Computer Engineering, UBC)



Dr. Chantal Mayer (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, BCWH)


Dr. Farah Deeba (Electrical and Computer Engineering, UNCC)


Dr. Jefferson Terry (Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine, BCWH)


Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, BCWH)


Dr. Denise Pugash (Department of Radiology, BCWH)


Research Team:

Tiffany Reeve (Research Manager, UBC)


Isabelle Korchinski (Research Coordinator, UBC)


Ianna Folkes (Research Coordinator, UBC)


Alex Devlin (Research Engineer, UBC)


Hamid Moradi (Scientific Engineer, UBC)


Martin Angerer (Post Doc, UBC)


Salman Jubair Jim (PhD Student, UNCC)


Billy Hempstead (Research Engineer, UNCC)


Mekdes Bezabh (PhD Student, UNCC)


Indy (Office Dog, UBC)


BCWH Sonographers:

Amanda Easton


Maya Metcalfe


Meikaela Tumber


Jackie Takai