Research to Innovation

PR2 personal robot navigates ICICS elevator

ICICS members from Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, the School of Information Science, Statistics, Forestry, Earth and Ocean Sciences, Psychology, Linguistics, Mathematics, Education, Music, and other disciplines conduct collaborative, multidisciplinary research in advanced technologies systems.

Specific research areas include biomedical technologies; robotics and control; virtual machining; signal, image and multimedia processing; wireless communications; nanotechnology; microelectromechanical systems; human – computer interaction; computational intelligence; distributed systems; integrated systems design; computer graphics; and many others.

ICICS also supports large-scale research clusters in areas of established and emerging strength.

ICICS facilities, including shared labs and dedicated labs equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment, as well as ICICS Support Programs, are important enablers of this work. ICICS members’ close collaborations with industry ensure that their research is translated to society, guided by the University Liaison Office (UILO).

The HATCH Accelerator in the ICICS/Computer Science building provides a temporary home for our more entrepreneurial members, graduate students, and recent alumni.  Many HATCH companies have launched after participating in relevant entrepreneurship programs offered by entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC). In the HATCH Accelerator, they can advance their venture guided by seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.