Locating the ICICS/CS Usability Labs

Locating the ICICS/CS Building

The usability labs are located in the ICICS/CS building on the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus. The building can be located within the campus on Google Maps. Directions to the building as well as parking information can be found on the Wayfinding page of the Department of Computer Science website.

Locating the Usability Labs

The Usability Labs are located on the 7th floor of the ICICS/CS building in rooms x727, x727a. x727b, and x727c. Below are directions to help you find the labs. There are multiple elevators in the building, but only the North Elevator (#1) goes to the Usability Labs. The reception phone number in x727 is 604-827-4828.


  1. Enter through the main doors of ICICS/CS at 2366 Main Mall (A). Head up half a flight of stairs and through the doors.
  2. Walk through the atrium (B–do not take the elevator on your right (#3).
  3. Towards the back of the atrium there is a ramp (C). Go up this ramp and through the doors.
  4. The north elevator (#1) will be on your left (D). Take it to the 7th floor. Room x727 is down the hall to the right as you exit the elevator.
  5. If you prefer to take the stairs:
    1. Continue past the north elevator (#1) to the South Elevator (#2). (Note that this elevator will not take you to the Usability Labs.)
    2. To the right of the south elevator is a set of stairs that go to the 7th floor.
    3. Room x727 is to the right of the door from the stairwell.