ICICS Building

The mandate of ICICS is to promote multidisciplinary research in advanced technologies among our members, and with industry. We do so by identifying and supporting research teams and larger clusters in areas of strength, drawn from 150 ICICS members from 18 departments across 10 different faculties and schools . Areas of expertise include Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Psychology, Music, Statistics, Mining Engineering, Linguistics, Commerce, Forestry and Medicine.

The impact of our members’ research outcomes is increased by ICICS translational activities that support licensing by industry, uptake by the general user, and/or incorporation into policy, standards, and educational programs. The HATCH Accelerator in the ICICS building provides a temporary home for our more entrepreneurial members, graduate students, and staff, where they can advance their venture guided by Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

The Institute is administered by the ICICS Director, who reports to a management committee comprising the Deans of Applied Science and Science.

ICICS-affiliated students benefit from co-supervision, access to state-of-the-art facilities, travel support, entrepreneurship workshops and programs, exposure to industry and other external organizations, and a rare collaborative environment. They are encouraged to think across discipline boundaries and develop multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial skills. Many former ICICS students hold high-profile academic or industrial positions.