ICICS Awarded $12.9M from CFI

da Vinci Surgical Robot

A CFI Leading-Edge Fund (LEF) application initiated and led by ICICS Director Dr. Nimal Rajapakse has been granted $5.177M. With matching funds from the BC Knowledge Development Fund and in-kind support, the grant totals $12,943,900. In addition, the grant includes infrastructure operating funds of approximately $290,000 per year for five years. The principal users include Elizabeth Croft (MECH), Sheldon (Larry) Goldenberg (Urologic Sciences), Alan Mackworth (CS), Jose Marti (ECE), Martin McKeown (Medicine/Neurology), Raymond Ng (CS), Dinesh Pai (CS), Nimal Rajapakse (MECH), Tim Salcudean (ECE), and Rabab Ward (ECE).

The grant builds on a CFI New Initiatives Fund grant awarded to ICICS in 2000 that allowed us to double our research space and acquire state-of-the-art equipment necessary for human-centred systems research. The LEF grant will enable us to equip new and existing laboratories with a range of specialized equipment to further innovations in five theme areas where ICICS researchers have established international leadership:

1. Anatomical Models for Image-Guidance in Medical Procedures (Theme Leader Tim Salcudean)

2. Human Sensorimotor Systems (Theme Leader Dinesh Pai)

3. Assistive Technologies (Theme Leader Elizabeth Croft)

4. Decision Support Across Critical Infrastructures (Theme Leader Jose Marti)

5. Global Communications Systems (Theme Leader Rabab Ward)

A range of specialized equipment will be acquired to further ICICS innovations in these areas. New labs will be equipped with a da Vinci surgical robot, an ultrasound machine for surgical guidance, a force platform for measuring human motion, smart wheelchairs with robotic arms, haptic devices and interfaces, an EEG measurement system, an eye-tracker, a Barrett arm, mobile and fixed emergency facilities for infrastructure coordination, and a range of advanced communications systems equipment. ICICS networking and communication infrastructure will be upgraded to support 10Gbit technology and higher bandwidth wireless connectivity. Robust file servers with better redundancy and security will be installed. June 23, 2009