New Ventures Joining HATCH

We would like to welcome some promising new ventures entering the HATCH Venture Builder in ICICS. Brief descriptions follow, with links to the venture websites for more information.


Verdi: Irrigation Automation.

Verdi customizes water & fertilizer for individual groups of plants. This reduces the cost of irrigation automation by up to 80% and enables growers to scale irrigation to the precision their crops need.






VulcanX: Low-Emission and Low-Cost Hydrogen and Solid Carbon.

VulcanX has developed a system that produces hydrogen and solid carbon at a low-cost and with low-emissions.  VulcanX spun out from UBC’s MéridaLabs.




OnDeck Fisheries AI: Making Fisheries Monitoring Scalable.

OnDeck Fisheries AI brings together leading expertise in machine learning, computer vision, and fisheries for scalable monitoring of fisheries.





SnapCyte: Measuring Cell Growth With Any Lab Microscope.

With the SnapCyte™ app and companion SnapCyte™ Adaptor, any lab microscope can be used to measure cell growth.

How does it work?

  1. SNAP a picture
  2. CHECK the mask
  3. KNOW in minutes




UVX: Safer Spaces with Ceiling-Mounted Air Purification

UVX has developed the world’s first smart ceiling device that is 6X more effective than chemical disinfection and 7X more effective than air purifiers with HEPA filters. UVX uses 222nm far-UVC light technology to continuously kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces within seconds, even while people are present.