HATCH Programming and Support

Kari LaMotte e@UBC Director Foundation Week

Entrepreneurship Info Session in ICICS

HATCH ventures are “accelerated” over a 12-18 month residency by a comprehensive slate of programming and mentorship delivered by ICICS/e@UBC and outside experts. HATCH is where venture “rockets” are built by adding critical supplies: fuel (financial support), physical resources (prototyping equipment, office space), commercial expertise (support from entrepreneurs-in-residence, mentors, and interns) and a clear pathway to success (joint programming with e@UBC). During their residency, HATCH ventures have access to:

  • Workshops covering corporate value/vision articulation, team construction, and management effectiveness, all of which build the foundation for the company building activities at the HATCH Accelerator and beyond
  • Access to the MasterMind advanced workshop series for startup training and skills development to boost survival and growth prospects:
    • business development/sales
    • presenting and fundraising
  • Mentorship from dedicated Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiRs) and Executives-in-Residence (XiRs) for company development, sales and recruiting support
  • Feedback and guidance from EiRs during and after quarterly check-ins
  • Marketing and business analysis support from MBA interns; technology development from Applied Science interns. Subsidies are often available from the federal government
  • Access to venture funding opportunities
  • Introductions to investors, advisors, and senior executives in their industry at Pitches & Pitchers events, Investor Days, and throughout the year


  • Makerspace or wet lab space for testing, developing and launching new innovative products
  • Office space specified for entrepreneurs and as well as access to custom developed board/conference rooms for start-ups

But beyond the business basics, in HATCH ventures learn valuable lessons about establishing work culture, values, and ethics, as well as telling the venture’s story. There is a strong focus on team-building and understanding roles and responsibilities. Above all, HATCH ventures learn the importance of community building, both within HATCH and in the wider entrepreneurial community. No HATCH venture is alone in their entrepreneurial journey.

Meet the Ventures

Ventures who have completed the Incubator Program offered by entrepreneurship@UBC may be invited to continue building their venture in HATCH. We invite you to explore current and alumni HATCH ventures…(more).