Makerspace Lathe


The HATCH Makerspace is where ideas are realized as prototypes then become products after repeated cycles of testing, refinement, and end-user feedback.The Makerspace is equipped with a suite of state-of-the-art equipment located in a machine shop and fabrication labs. Much of this equipment has been generously donated or funded by alumnae who see the benefit of having such a facility on campus. The growing list of Makerspace equipment includes a 3D handheld scanner, 3D metal sintering printer and conventional 3D printers, laser and water-jet cutters, saws, metal-bending presses, drill presses, lathes, workbenches, and a wide range of hand tools. The Makerspace opened in late 2018 and plays a crucial role in HATCH ventures’ success.

ICICS 061 (Fabrication Lab)

  • Lincoln Electric Plasma Cutter
    • The Torchmate 4400 4x4 CNC plasma cutting table equipped with a Lincoln Electric FlexCut 125 plasma cutter is a robust machine with high-end components that are built into a small machine footprint. The Torchmate can cut a maximum material thickness ¾” (mild steel plate).
  • Miller Welder/Welding Station
  • Hyd-mech Bandsaw
  • Grizzly Bandsaw

ICICS 061A (Machine Shop)

  • First Milling Machine
  • Terrier Lathe
  • IMA Drill Press & Small Drill Press
  • Grizzly Sheet Metal Shear
  • Grizzly Sheet Metal Brake
  • Busy Bee Sheet Metal Brake
  • Arbor Press
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Grinders
  • Sanding Station
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools

ICICS 061B (Digital Fabrication Lab)

  • Dimension 3D Printer
  • FormLabs Form 2 3D Printer
    • The Form 2 provides affordable, professional 3D SLA printing, using a 250mW laser to harden a liquid resin, layer by layer, until the model is complete. The various materials available for printing include heat-resistant, tough, flexible, durable, and castable resins, with a build size of 5.7 x 5.7 x 6.9 inches (145 x 145 x 175 mm).
  • Rapidia 3D Printer
    • The Rapidia system allows users to quickly and cost-effectively print complex and strong metal parts. The two-step process means that most parts can be ready the next day, while Rapidia’s unique water-based technology unlocks a new world of opportunities for creating internal structures and intricate assemblies.
  • Trotec Laser Cutter Speedy 300
  • The Speedy 300 is equipped with a 60W CO2 laser and is capable of laser engraving and cutting wood, plastic, acrylic, fabrics and many other materials. The Speedy 300 has a bed size of 28.6 x 17 inches with a maximum workpiece height of 6.5 inches.
  • Protomax Waterjet Waterjet
  • The Protomax waterjet by Omax is equipped with a 30,000-psi pump. The Protomax can cut, metal, glass, plastic, wood and more, under 1 in. thick with a 12 in. by 12 in. cutting area.