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The Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC), under Acting Director Vicki Lemieux (SLAIS), has recently become part of ICICS. Since most researchers associated with MAGIC are ICICS members and often use ICICS facilities, it made sense to join forces under a common administrative umbrella. ICICS and MAGIC will now be able to more easily leverage […]

Motion Metrics International Supports Graduate Scholarships, Research

Motion Metrics International and ICICS have recently created the Motion Metrics/ICICS Graduate Scholarship. The $5,000 annual award will be granted to a Masters or PhD student who is supervised by an ICICS member, with preference given to students who have demonstrated excellence in multidisciplinary, application-oriented research. Students do not apply for the award, it is […]

Musical Dialogues: Hearing the Conversation Unfold

Musical Dialogues: Hearing the Conversation Unfold

Alfredo Santa Ana, Wall Composer In Residence presents Musical Dialogues: Hearing the Conversation Unfold with David Gillham, UBC School of Music (violin), and Rebecca Wenham (cello). Plato’s dialogues capture the evolution of an exchange between two characters, and present a linear progression of arguments unfolding through the text. In music, the listener is presented with […]

ICICS/ECE/IEEE Workshop on Future Communications and Multimedia Systems

On Friday, March 9, 2012, ICICS co-hosted a full-day communications workshop featuring Wireless Networks; Multimedia; and Communications for Smart Grid. For workshop details, please see workshop website.

Foundations for the Future: Second Annual Biomedical Engineering Workshop

ICICS and UBC’s Biomedical Engineering Program co-hosted the second annual Biomedical Engineering Workshop on November 17, 2011, entitled “Foundations for the Future”. Researchers, health care professionals, industry personnel, and students participating in this full-day workshop explored the latest advances in biomedical engineering, under the following themes: Micro and Nano-Structures and Devices for Sensing, Energy Storage […]

ICICS Robotics Researchers Get First PR2 Robot in Canada

ICICS robotics researchers in the Collaborative Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (CARIS) and Laboratory for Computational Intelligence (LCI) are developing systems to help elderly people and those with disabilities in their daily activities, both at home and at work. They have recently taken delivery of a PR2 mobile robot system, which will greatly accelerate […]

Rabab Ward Receives Career Achievement Award

Electrical Engineering Professor Rabab Ward was ICICS Director from 1996-2007. Rabab has received many distinguished awards over the years, and recently was honoured with the 2011 Career Achievement Award from the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC (CUFA BC). This award is given annually to a faculty member at BC’s doctoral universities (UBC, SFU, […]


On Friday, March 11, 2011 ICICS co-hosted a workshop featuring Wireless Networks; Multimedia; Social Networking; and Communications for Smart Grid. For workshop details, please see workshop website.

ICICS-Affiliated Researcher Wins Prestigious Communications Award

In December 1901, Guglielmo Marconi transmitted the first transatlantic radio signal, the letter “S” in Morse code, from Cornwall, England to Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Seventy-three years later, his daughter founded the Marconi Society to promote awareness of major innovations in communications. Recently, the society’s antennae picked up on the work of Diomidis […]

Biomedical Engineering Workshop

A workshop co-hosted by ICICS and UBC’s Biomedical Engineering Program on November 24, 2010 brought together ICICS members from engineering with their colleagues in medicine to explore exciting new research in biomedical engineering. The workshop featured the following sessions: Towards Active Catheters and Endoscopes with 3D Photon-based Imaging Capabilities; Engineering Approaches to Clinical Problems in […]